Orthopedic Associates featuring Dr. Adam Johnson with Shamay Bullington

We’re delighted to share this mini-documentary as one of our valued patients, Shamay Bullington, goes from wheel chair to walking in roughly 2 months time. It’s a miraculous story about a Patient with a determination to fight for her freedom to move, and an incredibly talented and skilled surgeon that made walking freely a complete reality.

Dr. Adam Johnson’s comments are as follows. “At the time I met Shamay, she had been having problems with her knees for many years. Due to laxity of her soft tissues, the kneecaps had been coming out of position for more than seven years. She had undergone multiple surgical procedures on each knee without lasting success. She was having constant pain of the knees and weekly episodes where her kneecaps would dislocate.

I first operated on her left side to reconstruct the ligament on the inner knee that keeps the patella from moving to the outside. About six months later, she requested surgery for her other knee. This surgery is the that was highlighted in the fantastic short video that Shutterfreek created. It was more complex than the surgery for her other knee because it required a saw cut through the front of her leg bone in order to move a portion of the bone towards the inner part of her knee, in addition to reconstructing the ligament on the inner knee.


She has done a tremendous job following her surgery. She is one of the most motivated patients that I have ever met. I have been in awe of her strong will to rehabilitate her knee. Her excellent recovery is a testament to her hard work and determination to improve her motion and strength following surgery.”

We have the blessing every day to see lives transform from injury or ailment into total success and the freedom to move. With World Class Orthopedic Surgeons right here in our community, we experience first hand that, “Anything is Possible”. Thank you Shamay, for being such an awesome Patient, and for allowing us to share your story.